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All quotes or Estimates are valid for 14 days, when specified an Estimates outweighs a Quote


No commodity will be given a slot in our work schedule until it arrives at our yard, furthermore no work will commence until such time as we have written confirmation expressly requesting “Please proceed” and the returned of the signed receipt of procedure form, acknowledging our terms and conditions. 


All work performed will be on COD basis unless prior credit terms have been applied for and accepted. items will not be released until full payment has been made.

Established credit terms: The customer agrees that ALL invoices will be paid within Thirty (30) days of receiving invoice.  The customers also agree to pay any legal cost associated with any legal actions that maybe taken in the event that the amount is not paid within the prescribed time.

If payment goes outside our terms (i.e. 30 days +) MTM – ICS may refuse credit for any future work.


MTM Industrial Cleaning Solutions reserves the right to charge 10% interest per month and may exercise this right on any overdue accounts until such time the overdue amount is paid in full unless prior arrangement is made with MTM Industrial Cleaning Solutions.


Customers of MTM Industrial Cleaning Solutions can expect experienced and competent operators with modern and well-maintained equipment to work at the most cost-efficient manner with the customers best interests in mind at all times.


Prior arrangement MUST be made if sub contactors are needed to conduct any work to the client’s commodity, all contactors are subject without exception to MTM-ICS safe work practices and yard rules. No tools – equipment or consumables will be provided to sub contactors.

If tools – equipment or consumables are provided they will be charged and itemised on the invoice as “Sub contactor Item”

Any contactor not complying with MTM’s requests will be dismissed form working on our premises.


Any and all items not paid in full and collected within 48hrs of completion of work or left for MTM-ICS to safeguard will be subject to a storage charge. Storage charges will also be charge while waiting for the return of the signed T&C form. The storage charge for any item starts at $65 + GST per day, prices are based on the size of the commodity.

Storage fee’s Include weekends – public holidays and the day the commodity leaves our yard.

If during this time the items must be moved to accommodate our other work, additional costs for movement will be incurred. Costs quoted are set out in 15min blocks – Labour per person $26 – Forklifts 2-4t $110 and 7-20t $230 – crane hire cost + 25%

If vehicles / equipment are delivered to our premises and no work is conducted by MTM – ICS the items will be subject to storage from day of delivery to day of pick up.

The items will not be released until all moneys owing are paid in full. 


While all care is taken to ensure Staff and equipment supplied by MTM are suitable for the work required by the customer, MTM – ICS is not liable to the customer or any other party for any loss or damage arising from any acts, errors or admission from circumstances or persons beyond MTM’s control.

All care and the upmost respect is taken with all our clients’ vehicles / equipment but due to the nature of our business operations and government restraints imposed on MTM – ICS by Quarantine WA   to maintain current licensing, MTM – ICS will not and cannot take responsibility for any water ingress to sensitive parts of vehicles / equipment or damage caused indirectly during the cleaning process.

Removal of parts: When removing parts and panels to provide access for inspection MTM will take the upmost care and respect to ensure all panels and bolts removed by MTM are replaced in the same condition as removed, MTM cannot and will not take responsibility for lost panels and bolts of used vehicles / equipment, it is the responsibility of the owner of the items or a representative to check the condition and work scope of each item prior to or immediately when delivered to MTM’s premises.

The Directors and employees of MTM-ICS will duly inform all customers of any extra work that maybe required.

It is then the customers responsibly to fully satisfy and inform themselves of extra cost and work scope, by the owner of the items or a representative visiting our premises to inspect their vehicles / equipment.

Photos will be provided where possible and logical but will not exonerate the customer from fully informing themselves of any and all extra work and cost incurred.


Customers of MTM Industrial Cleaning Solutions can expect to have pre booked spots available for vehicles / equipment cleaning to start within a week of arrival to our facility but will be subject to conditions set out below without exception.

MTM cannot pre book cleaning spots in our work schedule unless we have concrete documentation relating to the equipment e.g. make – model – year of manufacture – engine hrs – serial number and arrival date at our Facility

Once the correct information is forwarded to our operations, your company will have exclusive access to the next available spot in our schedule. In turn we must be informed immediately of any late arrivals, this will allow MTM to accommodate your companies’ needs and limit the impact on other clients. Failure to do so will result in the loss of the scheduled spot and or any future scheduled spots.

If for any reason the items do not arrive at our facility (e.g. diverted to another facility – or incorrect information was supplied to MTM e.g. the vehicle / equipment is new and will not require cleaning) and your company has pre booked a spot for that item, MTM – ICS reserves the right to apply a booking Fee of $950 + GST. This will be charged directly to your company as a COD account.

If in the event the booking fee is not honoured, any and all Pre booked spots your company may have, will be deleted from our schedule in order to maintain profitability until such time as we are forwarded the required information and all accounts are paid to date. 


Any and all quotes or estimates for cleaning are based on the expectation that used vehicles / equipment are cleaned to Australian quarantine guidelines at the point of origin. If any items arrive at our facility NOT cleaned to the guidelines the machine in question will be placed in a waiting queue to be cleaned by MTM at a more convenient time, to lessen the inconvenience and wait times of other clients using our facility.

11. LIEN

MTM – ICS shall have a particular and general lien on any and all Goods, and documents relating to the Goods and on any other chattels, articles, things or documents of the Customer in the Company’s possession for all sums payable by the Customer to the Company, including the Company’s costs and expenses of exercising the lien including legal fees on an indemnity basis.

If any moneys due to the Company are not paid within one calendar month after notice has been given to the Person from whom the moneys are due that such Goods are detained, they may be sold by auction or otherwise at the sole discretion of the Company and at the expense of the Customer, and the proceeds applied in or towards satisfaction of the Company’s particular and general lien.


MTM-ICS takes every precaution to safeguard the customers commodity(s) , suppling a locked secure yard which is fully lit at night  and has 10 monitored motion sensor cameras operating 24hrs  7 days a week. It is the customers responsibility to carry their own insurance to guard against theft or malicious damage.

13: Security and charge

A. In consideration of MTM – ICS agreeing to supply goods and services, the Client charges all of its rights, title and interest (whether joint or several, personal or otherwise) in any land, realty or other assets capable of being charged, owned by the Client either now or in the future to secure the performance by the Client of its obligations under these terms and conditions of trade (including but not limited to the payment of any money).
B. The Client indemnifies MTM – ICS from and against all MTM – ICS costs and disbursements including legal costs on a solicitor and own Client basis incurred in exercising MTM – ICS rights under this clause.
C. The Client in revocably appoints MTM – ICS and each partner, director or officeholder of MTM – ICS as the Client’s true and lawful attorney to perform all necessary acts to give effect to the provisions of this clause including, but not limited to, signing any document on the Client’s behalf.

Conducting business with MTM – ICS constitutes your acceptance to our terms and conditions.

MTM-ICS is not responsible for the customers commodity being subject to a quarantine notice, the person responsible is the importer.

NO persons are allowed to enter the quarantine yard without being accompanied by an MTM-ICS staff member, refer to the Agricultural Management Act: 2007

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