DPF Cleaning Perth

A clean DPF ensures optimum engine power, performance and fuel economy reducing the risk of unplanned maintenance expenses and down time.


DPF CleaningDiesel Particulate Filters (DPF) are installed in most modern diesel powered passenger  vehicles manufactured since 2005.

All 2007 and newer on-road trucks are equipped with diesel particulate filters to reduce particulate matter (soot) and ash in accordance with Euro 5 specs. Trucks newer than 2010 are also equipped with additional systems such as SCR (Selective Catalyst Reduction/Diesel Emissions Fluid and /or EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) technology to control Nitrogen Oxides (NOx).

Diesel Particulate Filters are a widely used, proven emissions control product in the Mining Industry on varying sizes of equipment from drill rigs to loaders, dump trucks, heavy transport and stationary diesel powered equipment.

In all these sectors an automatic regeneration mode is initiated by sensors that monitor the level of diesel particulate matter.

Excessive oil or fuel contamination, incorrect or by-passing of scheduled burns, short distance city driving, excessive engine hours and various other factors leads to over-sooting and ash loading where the vehicles or equipment experience frequent and ineffective regenerations, loss of power, decreased fuel efficiency and eventually cease to operate altogether.

The MTM-ICS DPF Servicing System can safely recover all types of DPF / DOC / CAT type Filters across all industry sectors at a fraction of the cost of replacement. As Western Australia’s only locally owned and operated DPF Recovery and Supply Company, we understand the importance of Good Customer Service. We aim to work closely with our customers to ensure Great Savings, Guaranteed Professional Standards and Results and Fast Turnaround Times.

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Our DPF Cleaning Process

What sets us apart…

1. DPF Recovery Capability

MTM-ICS technical staff can regenerate all types of DPF/DOC/CAT filters including open-ended canister type and enclosed one piece units.

95% of enclosed DOC and DPF combinations do not have to be cut open for cleaning which means no interfering with the integrity of the original unit.

Our process allows us to inspect the unit internally then using our MTM designed Thermal Regeneration and Hydro Flush technology, we can thoroughly clean and recover all types of DPF’s, eliminating the need for cutting and re-welding of filter units.

DPF Cleaning Perth - MTM ICS


2. Hydro-Flush Technology

The Hydro-Flush technology is used in conjunction with Thermal Regeneration and or Ultrasonic Cleaning and Air Knife blasting.
Our DPF cleaning system is a proprietary aqueous based technology that doesn’t use conventional limited pneumatic methods. Designed by our team at MTM, the cleaning method efficiency regenerates DPF filters back to OEM specifications and is capable of cleaning any configuration of DPF from small cars, buses, trucks, earthmoving equipment, off road and stationary power equipment without cutting, welding or structural modifications to access the filter core.

This technology excels at salvaging DPFs that have a high soot and ash load or those that are heavily oil soaked, without the risk of damage to the DPF. MTM-ICS specializes in recovering oil or coolant contaminated DPFs. Our method targets and breaks-up soaked ash and soot deposits which cannot be cleaned effectively with other conventional pneumatic filter cleaning processes.


3. DPF Before/After Flow Restriction

All filters are tested before and after on MTM-ICS custom-designed flow bench using a variable frequency drive.
This allows us to test DOC, DPF and CAT’s in a simulated exhaust flow environment, from idle to full load conditions, providing accurate CFM flow and differential pressure measurements for engines up to 2000HP.

Using our baseline of recorded information our staff can accurately determine how much exhaust flow is needed for every type of engine then simulate the reading on the flow bench. In contrast, most commercial DPF flow benches provide only a single pressure measurement at one low flow rate.
MTMs flow measurements provide an accurate evaluation of the filter’s performance on the engine. Our ability to accurately test simulated exhaust flow and quantify the results ensures your DPF is restored to its peak performance.

DPF Cleaning Perth - MTM ICS



  1. Recording of Details Initial Inspection Cell Pin Depth Testing
  2. Before Air Flow Bench Testing
  3. Simulated Thermal Regeneration
  4. Pneumatic Air Knife Blast Through
  5. Internal Inspection Cell Depth Pin Testing
  6. Ultrasonic Bath Hot Water Hydro Flush Chemical Clean
  7. Hydro Flow Test Pneumatic Drying
  8. Oven Drying
  9. Internal Inspection 
  10. After Air Flow Bench Testing
  11. Record Keeping
  12. Packing and Tagging

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